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Specializing in New Mexico Thundereggs

Welcome to Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop. We specialize in thundereggs from this area and actively dig our claims and seek out new deposits.

Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop

Our thunder-eggs have psuedomorph’s, banded agate, jasper, opal, & crystal pockets. A few of our egg deposits even glow under short-wave black light. (green, red & orange) Each claim is unique in its own way. We have inventory from 12 different local deposits. Some of these deposits are no longer producing material.  We are proud to present these eggs for sale. 

Being located where we are, we have access to some wonderful Mexican Agates/Minerals/Geodes also. From Mexico we have Crazy-Lace Agate, Serape’ Agate, Candy Geodes, Purple Cathedral Agate, Agua Nueva Nodules, Galeena & Quartz, Pyrite, and much more.

For your lapidary needs we have available tons of rough materials including: Banded Rhyolite, Big Diggins Agate, Cookes Peak Plume Agate, Dendritic Rhyolite, Chrysocola, Obsidian and much more. 

Located just outside of Rockhound State Park near Deming, NM, Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop has one of the largest assortments of rock from the southwest. 

If you're looking for rocks, we have what you're looking for. Browse our website to view photos and descriptions of the rocks we sell. When you're ready to buy simply go to check out, if you need further assistance simply Contact Us for more information. 

Whether you are visiting the area/park or looking to buy online, we can help you find what you're looking for.



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